5 Reasons Why You Must Exercise During Pregnancy

Isn’t it good if during your pregnancy …

You can maintain your fitness, your health, and (most) your character without stacking unnecessary pounds and losing your motivation to explore the sofa? During pregnancy, your body has dramatic physiological changes that require carefully designed training programs. But why do you have to exercise during pregnancy?

Reason 1: Women who exercise have shorter births and easier in ‘pushing phase’

There are several studies that show that women who exercise have a shorter second labor (pushing the stage). But the workforce is very individual and can last for 1 hour to 2 days. Fittle women handle it with labor given.

Reason 2: Women who exercise are reported to feel more positive and have more energy after birth. Are you ready to have the healthiest pregnancy?

Women who have exercised with us told us constantly that their workforce was so managed thanks to our pregnancy training plan. We are happy to hear this but also know that it is their ability to overcome it which is upgraded by exercising so that even hardworking feels easier when you are fit and strong. Women who exercise do have a healthier pregnancy – they get less weight, suffer less back and pelvic pain, better sleep and eat better. They are happier, tend to suffer from depression and all round healthier.

Reason 3: Strong pelvic floor can help your birth

If the muscular tone is strong and like a new elastic piece, they will have the ability to stretch to allow babies to pass during labor and return to normal afterwards. If they don’t exercise, they can stretch and weak; And their ability to contracts strongly and quickly reduced or disappeared. During pregnancy, the hormone relaxin will affect the pelvic floor to enable it adequately to stretch during labor. After giving birth to the muscles of the pelvic floor are stretched, weakened and bruised, so the pelvic floor exercises are important to help tighten the muscles to prevent greater damage.

Reason 4: You can benefit from exercise even if you are just starting a training program or if you have exercised very little before pregnancy.

As long as there is no medical reason that does not exercise can start our program during pregnancy. The majority of women who exercise in pregnancy do it for the first time because they make a decision to start a healthier living habit now after they are pregnant. Always exercise with a program run by a qualified coach who knows how to facilitate you into a new program.

Reason 5: After birth, baby girl who exercise is slightly slimmer than those who don’t

Many hype in the media have made claims that women who exercise have smaller babies. Is a bigger baby better if you only have more fat? In addition, babies born from women who exercise are no different in their organs or length of their bones. Baby Studies (born of women who exercise during pregnancy) At the age of 1 and five years showing one year of exercising the baby gets a higher score on standard intelligence tests than maternal children who do not exercise. Their mental and physical performance also gets higher grades. At the age of five children exercise less fat and scored higher on general intelligence tests and oral language skills than children born not to exercise. Further studies show that children born to exercise mothers tend to be obese.

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