5 Top Fat Combustion Exercises

If you go to the gym and spend too much time while not getting the results that you deserve, then you might not use the right exercise.

For 16 years my training and training of men and women to lose fat, I have found a “big 5” movement that must be used in burning total body fat, muscle building exercises.

The “Big 5” movement is guaranteed to increase your metabolism and help you lose abdominal fat. If you don’t have this type of exercise in your program, then you are wasting time and money while trying to reduce fat.

So I design this exercise around 5 large, and put it in the circuit to help you get more results in a shorter time. But first of all, let’s discuss 5 large fat burning exercises …

Actually, let me clarify something. Big 5 is not a specific exercise. Instead, they are a specific movement, but this allows a large number of exercises to use, and therefore many variations in your practice. And don’t forget, variations are one of the 3 main principles that explain why short exercise and exploding works very well.

Here are 5 big movements, starting with the most important for all of them.

1) squatting movement

It can be a barrel squat to the squat Dumbbell, it can be deadlift because it’s the same type of movement, or can even be a kettlebell or dumbbell swing, which is a very popular exercise today.

Kettlebell becomes more popular to burn fat because it’s just movement push your hips back, bend your knees, and drop your body. You move your whole body there.

Squat movement allows you to do a lot of mechanical work which is one of the keys to burning many calories. So that’s the first movement in “big 5”. Always start exercising your top 5 with squatting.

Please note: Lunges and Split-Squats also qualify as a “squat type” movement, even though you will also be able to use it in the Single Leg Exercise category below. Sometimes the lines blurred between the types of movements for great multi-muscle exercises.

2) pushing exercises

The next exercise used is the type of push-up or dumbbell press or bench press or even stand press. Again, the muscles are very large to use in exercises that burn many calories.

Plus, use the principle of “non-competing” from short and exploding exercises, using further pushing exercises, we let our leg muscles recover (and often our grip strength too, depending on the first movement used).

3) interesting exercise

The next movement is an interesting type of exercise, so it can powder or pull-up, dumbbell lines, sitting lines, anything in interesting movements will work a lot of muscles so many your backs, some of you arm, lat you, and even a little back down your back You save it – by holding yourself in the static upright position.

This is a strong burning of fat, muscle building movements. You can even use Deadlift at this time because it is an interesting movement. Again, often the blurred line between the type of movement for great multi-muscle exercises.

And at this time, you will get around 80-90% of your results. So, if you are really confused for time, you can only stick to the 3 patterns of the first movement. But if you want to enter the final touch to your body and turn on your metabolism, then you will need 2 last fruit from the big 5 circuit.

4) single leg practice

This can be a dumbbell lunge or squat split or upside down or a single foot squat, whatever works one foot at one time. Because you use the lower body, it’s a lot of muscle.

This is a complicated movement to do after interesting movements, because your grasp will be tired of the paddle or chin or whatever you do. So try to use the only one-foot exercise, such as a 1-foot squat or 1-foot hip extension.

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