Cardiovascular health assessment method

In the modern world, people constantly experience the influence of many negative factors such as stress, polluted environment, excess population, poor quality food processing, food substitutes, and many others, causing health problems. Many diseases develop very slowly do not show any symptoms for a long time. When symptoms begin to emerge, this disease can reach the point when it is very difficult if it is not impossible to be cured. Therefore appropriate and systematic health assessment among the population is very important regardless of whether people have health problems or not.

Unfortunately our health system does not take advantage of the full potential of preventive measures to maintain the health of our citizens using existing technology and methods to conduct regular health assessments. Thus it is very important to show how to use this efficient mass health assessment method.

We all know that cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in many countries in the world. At u.s.a. Alone about 1 million people die every year due to cardiovascular problems. Therefore it is very important to focus on using a large-scale cardiovascular health assessment method.

The public, employer, government and health care organizations must share responsibility for public health. Cardiovascular health assessment that is timely and adequately benefit everyone together. People will save their lives. Employers will save money by cutting their expenses on health insurance, care, and work attendance. The government will cut tax losses. Health care organizations will improve their service efficiency.

So how is the cardiovascular health assessment held at the population level? The most effective approach is to regulate and regularly carry out the mass health screenings of the general public. It can be done at work with a large number of employees, in government and public organizations, universities and schools, malls, supermarkets, drug stores, sports clubs and health exhibitions. To conduct mass health assessments, small health businesses and cellular groups from large medical centers can be involved with driven by special national health programs.

What tools can be used to conduct cardiovascular health assessments as part of a health screening program? There are various kinds of medical equipment and technology designed for comprehensive cardiovascular diagnostic routines such as CT and MRI scanning, angiography, ultrasound scanners, stress test systems and more. As a rule which is a fairly expensive procedure carried out in specialized medical centers. At the same time there is modern technology designed for cardiovascular health assessment based on simple and non-invasive testing methods.
For example, Biocom Technologies has developed a portable system for cardiovascular health assessment based on the special method of recording credit waves and further in-depth analysis to evaluate the vascular elasticity and the variability of heart rate (HRV).

The filtering process takes into account the patient’s personal information, their answers to some health questions, reading their blood pressure, and read a 5-minute pulse wave, recorded by pulse oximeter.

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