Finding Employment In A Post-Pandemic World

If there is one thing that the global pandemic has shown us, the workplace for many people is changing. The way many companies operate has had to change and adapt to the restrictions in place from lockdowns, and workers also need to adapt. There are jobs available in many sectors that are currently short of workers, and some of the industries struggled to fill roles before the pandemic started. If you are looking for a new career as you lost the job you had before the pandemic, there are jobs you can retrain for that are in demand and can give you some job security. Below are some of the available jobs that you may wish to consider getting into, which can give you a rewarding career.

HGV Drivers

There has been a shortage of HGV drivers for the past couple of decades, and things have not changed post-pandemic. Many companies are looking for skilled HGV drivers, and as they are in such short supply, they offer handsome salaries to try and attract drivers. However, it is not as easy to get into at the minute as the government put HGV driving tests on hold during the pandemic. As such, there is currently a massive backlog of people waiting to take their test, and companies are turning to overseas drivers to help fill the demand.

Care Home Jobs

There is also a high demand for people to work in the care sector, and as there is such a shortage, many companies are happy to take people on with little or no experience. You can find a care home job in Romsey and other towns and cities throughout the UK, and there is a significant demand for people to work in this industry. It can also be a gratifying career, and it may be the change you were looking for, allowing you to fall in love with your job once more.


Another rewarding career that you may like the sound of and are willing to retrain to do is a career in nursing. There has also been a shortage of qualified nurses for many years, which is why it is so common to find foreign nurses being brought to the UK to work. You will need to retrain for this role which may mean going to university to get a degree in a relevant subject, but it is a career that will always be there, unlike working in a high street shop. There is also a government incentive scheme to help attract more future nurses to the industry, and you can click here to find out how you can receive £5000 a year to train as a nurse.

Delivery Drivers

Online shopping boomed during the lockdowns, and it has not failed to stop since so many people are turning to online shopping. There is a huge demand for delivery drivers to ensure all the orders get delivered to the customers. There are salaried roles available and ones for owner-drivers, so you can dictate when you will work. You do not need to be highly skilled, and if you are clean, presentable, and friendly, you can succeed in a career as a delivery driver.

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