Frequently Asked Questions About Body Sculpting

Body sculpting clinics are a great way for individuals to achieve their ideal aesthetic without having to go through costly and invasive surgical procedures that aim to achieve similar results. Body sculpting is fast becoming the preferred alternative treatment to procedures such as liposuction and gastric band surgery.

It’s natural to have some questions and reservations surrounding the practice of body sculpting, such as how good the results are, who is best suited to the treatment,and what the benefits are.This article will answer some of themost frequently asked questions about body sculpting.

What is Body Sculpting?

In its simplest form, body sculpting is a non-surgical alternative fat loss treatment aimed at helping people lose excess visceral fat that cannot be reduced through exercise and diet alone. There are a few common variations of body sculpting treatments and methods, including CoolSculpting, radio frequency body sculpting, heat body sculpting and ultrasound body sculpting. The most popular variation of body sculpting is fat freezing or CoolSculpting treatment, and it’s likely offered bya cosmetic clinic in Melbourne near you.

In the fat freezing type of body sculpting, a cooling device is placed on the skin. This device is then programmed to cool the skin and underlying fat cells to a temperature that causes the fat cells to die, inducing apoptosis (cell death). Once the fat cells die, they are broken down and removed by the body through its natural processes.

What Are the Main Benefits of Body Sculpting?

Aside from its non-surgical nature, body sculpting presents many benefits to clients, especially when compared to surgical procedures.

Some of the biggest benefits of body sculpting include:

  • Inexpensive Compared to Surgery – When comparing non-surgical body sculpting to equivalent medical procedures, body sculpting clinicsoffer body sculpting and fat loss treatments that are far less expensive than surgical operations.
  • Fast Recovery –After visiting a body sculpting clinic in Melbourne for body sculpting treatment, clients can typically leave the clinic with little or no downtime and resume their regular activities immediately.
  • Little Chance of Side Effects –Some medical fat loss procedures such as gastric band surgery and liposuction can have serious side effects. While some may be desperate to see any kind of result and opt for the surgery anyway, for others it simply might not be worth the risk. Body sculpting clinics present very little chance of side effects occurring and are a safer option for most clients.

Who is a Good Candidate for Body Sculpting?

If you’re thinking about visiting a body sculpting or skin clinic in South Yarra for body sculpting treatment, you may first want to make sure you’re a suitable candidate for treatment. Ideally, you should already be relatively physically fit and exercise regularly. You should also fall within 15 kilos of your ideal weight. This is because body sculpting is aimed at clients who want to lose extra visceral fat that they cannot shed even with proper exercise and diet. It is not a suitable treatment for those looking for a drastic fat loss transformation.

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