How Can Profhilo Rejuvenate Your Skin?

In past years, aesthetic procedures have seen significant technical breakthroughs. In the start, surgery was there. Although surgery produced noticeable skin rejuvenation, there were several risks and complications. Any surgery that needs general anesthesia poses a major danger to your health, and the prospect of lifelong scars makes surgical treatments less enticing. Then came non-invasive therapies, which had fewer health hazards and required less downtime. The most famous of these were facial fillers and anti-wrinkle injections.

Profhilo in Singapore is an injectable that contains high hyaluronic acid concentration, similar to dermal fillers. Even so, other than giving you a younger volume of the skin, it also increases collagen synthesis for continued rejuvenation.

How Does Profhilo Work?

Collagen is a key component of youthful-looking skin, but levels drop drastically in our late twenties. Profhilo not just fills up the areas of the face which have thinned with time, such as beneath the temples, cheeks, and eyes but it also transmits a message to the body’s healing mechanism, signaling it to ‘damaged’ skin that needs replacing with younger, fresher skin tissue. As a consequence, the outcomes are two-fold and staggered. With every passing day, you will look more revitalized, until the effects wear off and it’s time to schedule your top-up care.

Profhilo may offer you a softer, less wrinkled skin contour in the same manner that fillers eliminate deep lines on the lower portion of the face, like marionette lines that go from the mouth corners to the nasolabial lines and chin. Unlike fillers, the outcomes keep getting better until they peak. Profhilo enhances your overall skin texture and quality, revitalizing it naturally from within rather than merely improving one focused facial feature.

The Benefits of Profhilo on the Skin

Profhilo in Singapore may provide excellent outcomes whether you are suffering the early indications of aging or more advanced skin degeneration. Fine lines and wrinkles may be reduced and faded in those who have them. If you have dehydrated and dry skin as a result of overexposure to the sun or lifestyle choices like smoking, the HA in Profhilo could plump the skin cells and help bring back lost hydration for a smooth and crystalline glow. Profhilo could also tighten and lift the skin for a more toned and smoother appearance if you have more significant signs of aging, like skin sagging and hollow cheeks.

Other Benefits of Profhilo Skin Therapy

Here are other advantages to a Profhilo procedure that would make you realize how advantageous this treatment is:

  • Skin that is well-hydrated
  • Increases collagen production
  • Skin texture and tone are improved.
  • provides flowing skins
  • Increases volume and firmness
  • Provides a general lift

What Happens During a Profhilo Treatment?

Prior to Treatment

Before the process, the cosmetic doctor will assess your skin objectives and medical history. They will also describe the risks, advantages, treatment, and aftercare to assist you to make a choice.

Throughout the Procedure

To undergo the process, the cosmetic doctor will clean and prepare the skin. The hyaluronic acid will then be injected subcutaneously, where it will immediately diffuse throughout your skin without causing lumps. Even though there are some lumps, they would’ve been gone within a day as the skin will spread the product evenly within the skin.

After the Procedure

After the procedure, you may experience some tenderness for one or two days. There may also be a little bruising, but this will go away on its own.

After the Profhilo therapy, you could see firmer, more hydrated, and more radiant skin for up to six months if you take great care of your overall health and utilize a good SPF. Factors like sun exposure, smoking, heavy alcohol use, stress, and sleep deprivation might also lead to a shorter effect period since they can all alter the look of the skin and the skin’s resistance to aging.

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