New Year’s Resolution – Given Up Smoking?

It’s a new year, and you may be amongst the many who use the impetus of a new year’s resolution to give up smoking; you might be a week in and using some form of nicotine patch or gum. You might be finding it easy, or you may be struggling somewhat; regardless of your situation, it might be worth taking some time to look at another form of nicotine replacement therapy and find out about vaping.

Thinking About Vaping?

It has become increasingly popular as a successful form of nicotine replacement for new non-smokers; vaping takes a variety of forms no matter what your budget. Initially, you might be confused by hundreds of terms relating to vaping; take some time to digest some of the information; most good vaping suppliers have guides and jargon-busting articles on their websites. There are numerous different types of vape device, including a range of simple starter vapes which are easy to use and don’t cost a lot of money, one of these are the various models of disposable vapes.

What Is a Disposable Vape?

Ideal for a new vaper, the disposable vape is a pre-filled, non-rechargeable vape device that one uses for approximately 400 – 500 puffs, which is around two complete packets of regular cigarettes. The easy-to-use design uses a power to inhale button to deliver a sensation that mimics the drawing on a cigarette; they contain everything needed to start vaping as soon as you open the box. Available containing a good range of different flavoured e-liquids, they all provide viable options for the new non-smoker to try.

What Are the Best Disposables?

There are many disposable vapes on the market, but it’s a generally held view that two devices stand out from the crowd: the Geek Bar and Elf Bar disposable pens. Both offer a large puff count and a good range of flavours, so it really comes down to personal choice; it’s a good bet that if you like one, you’ll be good with the other two! They are also relatively cheap at around £5 or £6 per device; for someone who is smoking 20 cigarettes a day, it works out at about 3 to 4 per week.

Progressing To a Better Vape

Even though there is an initial saving using disposable vapes isn’t the most cost-effective manner of vaping long term; there are also other benefits to moving onto more involved vape devices. Having found vaping to your liking, it’s good to progress to what is referred to as a starter kit; this will typically be an all-in-one device with an internal rechargeable battery. A refillable tank in which you can change your chosen e-liquid flavour as many times as you like. Good examples of this type of vape device are Innokin’s Endura and Aspire’s PockeX. Both take the vaper to a new level from the disposable vape, enabling access to both the massive choice of available flavours a gateway to other more powerful and complex vape devices.

I hope this has given you some insight into vaping as a nicotine replacement option, I tried it over seven years ago, haven’t looked back once, and it’s saved me hundreds of pounds too!!

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