Optimal Nutrition and Natural Health

There is no doubt that optimal nutrition is the best way to keep your body healthy and free of disease. But when I refer to optimal nutrition, what do I actually talk about? Well, this is a look at what is optimal nutrition.

To enter it simply, optimal nutrition refers to eating the right food in the right combination (balanced diet), and ensuring adequate everyday water intake. A balanced diet includes a variety of foods that are rich in some nutrients, and in combination with each other, giving you all the important nutrients needed by your body. This is:

Carbohydrates (Pati)
Shared factors and digestive enzymes
Phyto-nutrition and
Good bacteria
Thus, as you can see, you need to eat a variety of animal and plant foods to ensure intake every day of all important nutrients as mentioned above. And let’s face it; In the world today where fast food is in power, almost no one ate the right balanced diet. Most people have poor nutritional habits, which is why their bodies are vulnerable to more diseases. Thus, to ensure optimal nutrition and body fit, nutritional support through good quality nutritional supplements is important.
“But why should I take nutritional supplements when I eat a very balanced diet?”

Well, even if you are one of the few people who have good nutritional habits and who consumes a very balanced diet, you still need to take nutritional supplements. Why? Read on ……

Today’s land is not rich in nutrients as before, because food is also not as high as nutrients as before. There is also an increase in the use of chemicals in the food industry, and modern cultivation and agricultural methods also do nothing to maintain food quality. For all these reasons, foods run out of most of the nutrients are important, which is why it is practically impossible to achieve optimal nutrition through food.

Thus, the only way to ensure optimal nutrition is eating food as close as possible to their natural state, avoid unhealthy cooking methods such as frying, and use your nutritional supplement regimen in everyday life. Like various nutritional supplements can also have unwanted side effects if used inappropriately, it is important to take nutritional supplements under expert guidance from natural health care doctors.

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